Ronan Devlin is an Artist & Designer based in the North East of England.

He works on commissioned and self motivated creative projects through a range of media: print to screen to built environment to multi-sensory installation.

His artistic practise looks at the intersection of emotion, sense perception and the material world.

The multi-disciplinary design studio delivers projects for both public and private sector clients across the disciplines of branding, book-making, interactive media, printed literature and web design.

41 Cleveland Road
North Shields
Tyne & Wear
United Kingdom
NE29 0NW

+44 (0) 75 7710 7438

Twitter: @Ronandevlin
Instagram: ronanjeindevlin

100 Archive


An artwork about material changes in state.

The work adjusts its form in response to audience activity in the exhibition space. With two trangle graphs at its core, the work generates perpetually transitioning complex pattern from simple geometric form.


Ronan Devlin

Project Team:

Mark Linnane, Developer
Ronan Devlin, sound (edition 1)
Ant Dickinson, Sound (edition 2)


Made in New York Media Center, Brooklyn, 2017
Lumen Prize Tour, Shanghai, New York, London, Caerphilly, 2016
Un Deg Un, Oriel Wrecsam Offsite, 2014

Supported by:

Arts Council of Wales


Short List, Lumen Prize, 2015
Long List Daiwa Anglo Japanese Art Prize, 2015